Environmental Policy

ICare Group Environmental Contribution

In Blackpool, during the development of the business park at which we are based, it was identified that crested newts were at risk as a result of the development. As well as working to mitigate the risk and ensure no negative impact to the wildlife, we decided to make a commitment to also protect and preserve the habitat, with time pledged to cleaning the environment..

Based on discussions and consultation with staff, we also introduced a scheme in 2019 across the whole ICare Group. Based on the joint identification of the negative environmental impact of sending Christmas cards each year, we agreed instead to make a pledge to the Woodland Trust; as well as removing the negative impact of sending Christmas cards, the initiative saw us donate over £500 to the Trust.

We are committed to ensuring we keep the negative effect to the environment to a minimum. Our organisation supports all national sustainability initiatives and policies such as the use of organic produce; free range produce, fair trade goods and locally used materials where possible.

Our environmental objectives are as follows:

  • Identify the aspects, impacts and risks of all business activities, implement a set of continuous improvement plans and reduction targets designed to reduce our impact on the environment and then measure performance against these objectives and targets.
  • Prevent pollution, use biodegradable chemicals, phase out the use of ozone depleting substances and minimise emissions to air, water and land.
  • Increase the efficient usage or resources; including energy, water and raw materials, by reducing resource usage and increasing the use of sustainable resources as far as is economically practicable.
  • Protect and enhance the local environment wherever possible, including the conservation of buildings, natural landscapes and local wildlife habitats so as to maintain and enhance the local biodiversity.
  • Consider environmental impact in the acquisition, refurbishment and location of building and seek to restore the local environment after any building works.
  • Develop and implement efficient logistics planning such as zoning and route planning to reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions resulting from our car and van journeys and wherever possible encourage the use of environmentally friendly means of transport by staff.
  • Purchase, Rental & lease only CO2 efficient vehicles and minimise unnecessary journeys.
  • We are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and are committed to integrating environmental best practice into all our business activities. We further accept our environmental responsibilities and recognise our obligation to reduce the impact of business activities to the environment. 

We are also in the process of achieving ISO: 14001for some of our Meals site, the internationally recognised standard.

We are ESOS phase 2 compliant