Community Meals

ICare has been delivering community meals for more than 2 decades and our meals conform to NACC calorie intake guidelines.

Great meals delivered free to your door

Healthy eating is essential for everyone – but ensuring that there is always a nutritious, satisfying meal to be had at home can for some people be quite a challenge. Now through ICares great value frozen and hot meals service everyone has access to a wide range of tasty, wholesome, prepared meals and delicious desserts, all delivered FREE of charge direct to your home.

At ICare we really do believe in putting people first. We take great care in preparing the meals you choose to ensure that they are not just enjoyable but that they also meet the highest recommended nutritional standards. From traditional favourites to speciality dishes, the menus are wide and imaginative enough to satisfy the most demanding of palate.

We also provide meals that cater for special dietary needs and cultural and religious requirements.
And our delivery service is just as good as the meals. Helpful, polite and punctual, all our drivers undergo a rigorous selection process. They are trained and assessed in adult care awareness, are police checked and DBS cleared, before they can even deliver a meal to our customers.

Thousands of people enjoy our meals everyday, to find out what makes them so popular, call 0845 604 1125 and order a treat today.

Satisfying your Needs as well as your Appetite

As a leading provider of care and community meals we understand the type of help and the quality of support people need on a day to day basis. Which is why ICare now offer a daily meal service that in addition to a tasty nutritious hot meal also provides sensitive and professional support.

From simple assistance with your meal, help with your daily chores to more support around the house our Peace of Mind service is a cost-effective alternative to Care at Home.

Provided by our Community Assistants when they deliver your meal, Peace of Mind provides you with reliable and qualified care, plus reassurance for you and your family that someone is there helping and supporting you every day.

All the meals we provide meet the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) guidelines. In addition we offer a wide choice and large variety of meals to suit varying dietary needs such as diabetic, vegetarian, low salt, low fat, soft meals, pureed meals. Included in our extensive range are Asian Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Caribbean and Kosher meals.