Extra Care

Extra Care

A key element of our experience is our extensive track record of providing successful services in extra care scheme settings. We currently provide services in 14 extra care schemes throughout the North West:


A total of over 320 people therefore currently receive support from ICare in extra care settings, and we maintain a 24/7 on-site presence with an extra care worker present at all hours of the day at all of these schemes. The majority of residents across the above would include residents who are elderly and frail, those with physical disabilities and people with dementia.


We contract with Blackburn, Blackpool and Lancashire, Knowsley and Sefton Councils in the provision of these services, maintaining excellent working relationships with adult social care and allocation panels in each area by attending placement meetings and demand management meetings, sometimes as often as weekly, and working together to highlight capacity at schemes and promote effective placements based on the specialisms of each scheme.


For example, our Blackburn Dementia Extra care scheme specialises in care and support for people with dementia. All staff receive enhanced training in dementia care. We provide needs-appropriate support across the scheme, and maintain often daily contact with health professionals, including dementia nurses, to promote multi-disciplinary working. We also work with landlords, residents and families to plan needs-appropriate activities at the scheme, including games afternoons, film nights, singing, bingo and more.



In Knowsley we are supporting a Mental Health Extra Care.




24/7 service

In terms of first response, we are experienced in providing 24/7 first response to alerts at the 14 schemes identified, where telecare systems incorporating pendants, pull cords and help buttons are used to alert scheme-based staff to any unplanned care need so that support can be provided when it is needed. Extra care workers at these schemes carry handsets, enabling us to respond promptly when needs arise.


We recognise the unique challenges of working in an extra care setting where some residents require extensive one-to-one planned care via a person-centred plan, while other residents may have no planned care needs and are supported only via background support, as and when it is needed, from 24/7 scheme-based staff, plus wellbeing checks taking place at least daily for every resident at each of the 14 schemes. We maintain successful working with people with varied needs by ensuring a clear distinction between the role of scheme-based staff providing background/core hours, and care workers attending the scheme to provide one-to-one support in line with co-developed person-centred plans; core-hours staff are specifically off rota at all our schemes, ensuring their availability to provide support effectively and efficiently when it is needed.


We involve and include residents and families via scheme meetings, forums and coffee mornings at least monthly. We always facilitate appropriate activities, drawing on input from residents themselves to determine how best to make use of communal facilities at each scheme, and this often includes pantomimes, fish and chip afternoons, world buffets, games, singing, dancing, bingo, film afternoons and anything else that residents enjoy.